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Return & replacement policy


NIGWAH is keen on providing the best shopping experience for its customers. Therefore, customers are entitled to the following:

  1. Refund: In case of defective items only (i.e. any piece with factory defect) within 3 days from the date of purchase or receipt of order, provided that:
  1. Exchange conditions stated in (paragraph 2a) are checked first.
  2. Defect items are not used and returned in their original conditions at the time of purchase with price stickers, invoices and original packaging.


  1. Exchange: In the following cases:
  1. Items with manufacturing defect:
  • repair of defect items;
  • If repair is not possible, defect item(s) will be exchanged with new piece of the same model.
  • If the model is out of stock and defect item cannot be repaired, defect item can be exchanged with another model of equal price or higher provided customer pays the difference.
  1. Receipt of wrong/different items (in terms of design or color)

Exchange, if applicable, is valid within 3 days of purchase or receipt of order, provided that:

  • Compliance with exchange conditions stated above (in paragraph 2) exists.
  • Exchanged items are not used and in their original conditions with price tags and purchase receipt or guarantee card.

Exception: discounted items can only be exchanged without refund if they comply with the provisions stated above in (paragraph 2) within two days only from date of purchase or receipt of order.

NIGWAH team is determined to provide the best services and maintain the safety of our customers. Therefore, given the sensitive nature of NIGWAH products, it should be noted that that refund and exchange are NOT allowed in the following cases

  1. Damaged Items as a result of consumption (other than cases covered by guarantee card)
  2. Any item without the original packaging and purchase receipt or guarantee card
  3. Items with manufacturing defects returned after more than 3 days (two days in case of discounted items).


  • If there is any difference or ambiguity in meaning between the Arabic and English texts, the Arabic version shall prevail. The provisions of this document shall not conflict with the provisions stated on the invoice or documents provided with any order and are considered complementary.

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